1. Can I subscribe for more than one course?

Yes, you can subscribe for more than one course.

2. How long will the subscription be active?

Each subscription is valid based on the course you subscribe. For instance, Two year subscription course will be active for 2 years.

3. How to upload my study materials?

Please go to upload section to upload.The study materials that you upload will be available for download after validation by admin .

4. Is there any extra charges for wisedane android app download?

Android app is free and can be downloaded from Play-Store. The Courses in the app and website are available to only subscribed users.

5. Whom should I contact for any queries?

Refer to our contact page by clicking on to Contact icon on the home page. You can also post your comments, Please enter your comments and click on the "Send Query" button.

6. Why Should I choose two year course?

One year course, once subscribed is valid for one year only. Hence, Students who prefer

> To practice and learn MCQs more than a year
> Willing to reappear for the examination in the forthcoming year
> Students in XI class, if they want the subscription to be available till they appear for the entrance or XII board examinations

can choose the two year course. The 2 year subscription is available on Advanced and Elite courses.

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